Centrado en Jesús

This book brings together essays that the author has been developed through his journeys through Latin lands, various proposals as they intersect: the reading of Galatians in a new light; churches focused on Jesus or Jesus outside bounded by external influences; a new way of seeing the human suffering and God's wrath; the cross as the ultimate expression of a non-violent response; the use of the various images of the New Testament and the development of new contextual images in the task of exposing the Gospel; finally the author presents Jesus as a paradigm of authentic human being.


An interview with the author about the book 

Interview with Mark Baker from Fresno Pacific University on Vimeo .


Foreword by Cesar Garcia
1 - Introduction: roots and wires
2 - The concept of God in Latin America
3 - A re-reading of Galatians
4 - bounded Jesus-centered churches and Churches
of Jesus frees a woman shame and integrates the community, Mark - 5 5: 21-34
June - Jesus accepts, forgives and honors a woman excluded: costly love, Luke 7: 36-50
July - Two key narratives of the Cross
8 - Salvation by Honduran neighborhood cross in a
9 - Ten facets of salvation through the cross and resurrection
10 -¿Dios of anger or love God? Part 1: The God of pathos and poignancy of the prophets
11 -¿Dios of anger or love God? Part 2: The "yes" and "no" to God

Comments about the book

Of course Mark is not the only theologian who makes contextual theology in Latin America. However its use is the Theology of the Cross, theologians like Luther, Ellul, Barth and others - and the Latin context - what makes Mark as relevant to our context theologian. the prologue, César García, Secretary General, Mennonite World Conference

In this series of tests Mark Baker gives us an excellent example of the fact that theology is always contextual. Baker uses his excellent ability to make a theological reading of your experience in Honduras and thus explain what life centered on Jesus. Juan Francisco Martínez Guerra, Academic Director Center for the Study of Latino Community Church, Fuller Theological Seminary

The book of Mark continues to be an important contribution to the Christian public that constantly works in a biblical theological reflection in line with its commitment to the project praxis of God's Kingdom and its historical concretions. Efrain Barreda, Director of Faculty Theology and Religion, The Evangelical Theological Education Association, Lima.

Our understandings of integration are marked by an individualistic view and a biblical interpretation becomes faith in spiritualism. How to escape these leaner cuts and make our pilgrimage with the Lord? Mark Baker's book offers well-argued proposals, mainly because they start from his own pastoral experience located in Latin America poor and full of injustices. It is a book that was needed and so I welcome its publication. Harold Segura, Director of Church Relations for World Vision for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mark Baker is what we would call in the Red del Camino a theologian of the street. It is a walker that relates their actions and experiences as a faithful follower of Jesus, with the truths of the Bible in such a way that inspire, reveal and challenge the church to be more faithful as a representative of Jesus and his Kingdom. The church in Latin America needs this message emphasizing God's grace implementation. Tomas Yaccino, Continental Connector - The Road Network


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