Trainee/Practicum Assessment (COUN 764)

COUN 764

This assessment is a prerequisite to enter the practicum. It is intended to determine a student's academic, professional, and personal readiness to begin counseling clients in a supervised setting. The potential trainees will meet with MFT faculty and on-site clinical supervisor(s) after successfully completing at least 18 hours in the program. The process is outlined in the MFT Student Handbook.

Code Units Letter Grades Pass/Fail Option Frequency Prerequisites
COUN 764 0 Yes Yes Annually Counseling Couples (MF604)
Counseling Families (COUN 734)
Counseling Individuals (MF603)
Interpersonal Communication (COUN 724)
Professional Ethics in Counseling 1 (COUN 720)
Professional Ethics in Counseling 2 (COUN 722)
Psychopathology (COUN 740)