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  • Figuring It Out as I Go by Les C. Lucas, LMFT - Les Lucas discusses his changing philosophy and techniques for treating clients with SUD and/or Co-occurring Disorders.
  • Harm Reduction and Recovery-Oriented Care by Les C. Lucas, LMFT - Les Lucas advocates for harm reduction as well as recovery in this article. The harm reduction principles necessary for good mental health care are listed in this article.

The following articles are available to FPU students and staff by searching for them on the Hiebert LIbrary webpage.

  • Adolescent Fathers Involved with Child Protection: Social Workers Speak by Gordon, et al. - This article gathers information from social workers' case loads in interest of researching father involvement in the lives of their adolescents in the CPS system as well as the implications of that involvement.
  • Posttraumatic Stress Among Young Urban Children Exposed to Family Violence and Other Potentially Traumatic Events by Crusto, et al. - This study examines the statistically significant, positive relationship between traumatic events, parenting stress, and posttraumatic stress in young children. This study found that parenting stress can also partially mediate the relationship between traumatic events and PTS in young children.
  • The Theological Contributions of Bishop K. H. Ting to Christian/Pastoral Counseling by Dueck & Walling - Chinese models of pastoral counseling K. H. Ting is a long-time Chinese church leader who stresses indigenous Chinese Christianity. The writings of K. H. Ting are examined in this article in interest discussing Chinese models of pastoral counseling.
  • Social support, organizational support, and religious support in relation to burnout in expatriate humanitarian aid workers by Erikson, et al. - Why do humanitarian aid workers experience burnout? 111 expatriate humanitarian aid workers were given the Maslack Burnout Inventory to assess burnout and its various components. Findings include statistical significant correlations on various avenues of support and burnout as well as a complex relationship to God support that is varied by age.
  • Psychology in Pursuit of Justice: The Lives and Works of Emmanuel Levinas and Ignacio Martin-Baro by Goodman, Walling, Ghali - This article argues that justice must be “centrally infused into psychological thought and practice.”
  • Intimate Partner Violence Exposure Predicts PTSD Treatment Engagement and Outcome in Cognitive Processing Therapy by Iverson, et al. - Intimate partner violence exposure is examined as a predictor of therapy engagement and treatment outcome for 150 women taking part in cognitive processing therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder. This study found that the frequency of intimate partner violence was associated with treatment outcomes but not with whether or not the client completed treatment.
  • Race, resource utilization, and perceived need among urban community development workers from faith-based organizations by Shin - Two-hundred eighty-four urban community development workers from faith based organizations were surveyed to explore the effects of race and ethnicity on service utilization and perceived need. Race and ethnicity did not predict differences in the utilization psychological services, spiritual services, or in the perceived need of the individual.
  • Multilevel Regression Analyses to Investigate the Relationship Between Two Variables Over Time: Examining the Longitudinal Association Between Intrusion and Avoidance by Suvak, et al. - The purpose of this study is to raise awareness of multilevel modeling as a tool for increasing our understanding of posttraumatic adaption. This study found that changes in intrusion are correlated with changes in avoidance.
  • Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training: Race/Ethnicity as a Predictor of Change in Working Alliance During Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators by Walling, et al. - This article examined working alliance ratings in sample of 107 male intimate partner violence perpetrators. The study found no significant change for the mean level and the therapist’s working alliance ratings over time, however the study did find a significant interaction between worker alliance and race/ethnicity which was sustained over time for the client.
  • Cultural Identity and Reentry in Short-Term Student Missionaries by Walling, et al. - This study explores the relationship between cross cultural reentry and cultural identity for college student’s that went on short-term international mission trips. Common findings include negative reactions to one’s home culture, increased cultural awareness, and increased personal growth.
  • Community Violence Exposure, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Posttraumatic Distress Among Urban Development Workers by Walling - This study found that adverse childhood events and indirect adulthood community violence exposure were significantly positively related to severity of PTSD by examining community violence exposure among 284 urban community development workers.
  • Relationship of Intimate Partner Aggression to Head Injury, Executive Functioning, and Intelligence by Walling - The data from 102 male perpetrators of intimate partner aggression was compared with the data of 62 nonaggressive men for head injury, executive functioning, and intelligence. Intimate partner aggression was found to be associated with head injury, lower verbal intelligence scores, and lower executive functioning.


SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)


ParentingReimagined - Podcasts that looks beyond what people do as parents and how they have been shaped by parenting. Insightful, practical, real, and inspiring podcasts from parents all over the world.

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FORRMAL Guide -  A step-by-step guide to inductive Bible study using the FORRMAL method. Used throughout seminary.

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