Resources on the Atonement


Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: Atonement in New Testament and Contemporary Contexts

Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross: Contemporary Images of Atonement

How Does the Cross and Resurrection Provide Salvation?

Recovering the Scandal of the Cross,” the book I co-authored with Joel Green, contends that if the New Testament writers use diverse images to proclaim the saving significance of the cross, then we should too!

A short article that uses real-life examples to show the value of using a variety of atonement explanations

Viewing penal satisfaction theory as the one correct explanation of the atonement has made it difficult for many to see the diversity of images in the New Testament. It also impedes our ability to develop alternative contemporary images. I have written an article that points out some of the problems with using the image of penal substitution as the foundational explanation of the atonement, and offers an alternative foundational narrative of the atonement: Two Foundational Stories of the Cross: How They Affect Evangelism

How do we help people embrace a wider understanding of the cross and resurrection? In addition to offering in-depth biblical and theological explanations like those in “Recovering the Scandal of the Cross,” and sharing well developed contemporary images like those in “Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross,” I have found it helpful to briefly list a variety of ways that Jesus' life, death and resurrection provide salvation.

A List of Biblical Images of How the Cross Saves

Ten Ways the Cross Saves: Brief Explanations

A List of Fourteen Things that Jesus' Death Accomplishes, as Seen in New Testament Texts

Shame and the Atonement

Many people have expressed appreciation for the discussion of shame and the cross in chapter six of “Recovering the Scandal of the Cross.” Therefore, in “Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross” I intentionally sought some examples of people proclaiming liberation from shame through the cross (chapters 12-15 in the book). In addition to those resources Mako Nagasawa has some helpful presentations on this topic.

Penal Substitution: Why it Doesn’t Work with Asian Americans

Beyond ‘Near’ and 'Far’: Jesus Overcomes Shame and Alienation

Werner Mischke has written a booklet, with drawings, based on Luke 15. The Father’s Love Booklet is designed for believers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people for whom honor and shame is vitally important.

Images of Atonement

The book, “Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross” explores the need for contextualized atonement theology, offering creative examples of how the cross can be proclaimed today in culturally relevant and transformative ways. As I develop or encounter other contextualized images of atonement I will add them to this site.

"To End Chaos: Atonement Beyond Forensics," Mathieu Gnonhossou, 2013

Jesus and Harry Potter: Disarming the Powers,” Laura Neufeld, December, 2010

The Office,” Dan Whitmarsh, April 2010

"Lifehouse Everything Drama

The Pit,” Dan Whitmarsh, April 2009

Liberated from Darkness and Lies to Light and Truth: The Matrix as Metaphor of the Cross,” Michael VandenEnden, March 2009

The Kingdom of the Lion,” Danny Gray, December 2008

Aunt Lizzie’s Wedding: A Parable of Love,” Paulette Lovelace, June 2007

Blood Breaks the Barriers,” Daniel A. Bunker, April 2007

Freedom From the Cycle of Retaliation,” Scott Carolon, April 2007

Down a Slippery Slope,” Paulette Lovelace, April 2007

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Saving Significance of the Cross in a Honduran Barrio,” Mark D. Baker, Mission Focus Annual Review 14 (2006) 59-81.