TOEFL Requirements

Competency in the English language is required to study at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. English language competency for students whose first language is not English will be gauged by their score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The Admissions Committee may require applicants from North America whose first language is not English to also take the TOEFL to show competency.

Score Requirements

Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary has determined competency to be indicated by a score of 79 on the internet based test (iBT). Scores for the computer based test (CBT) will continue to be accepted. The written test (PBT) requires a score of 550. This version will continue to be administered in locations where there is not an internet based test. The internet based test (iBT) has become the primary test and requires a score of 79 for passing.

Applicants who achieve scores of 500-549 (written), 173-212 (computer), or 68-78 (internet) may be admitted to Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary on probation pending language competency. While on probation the student may be required to participate in additional study of the English language. The student must continue to take the TOEFL each semester until a score of 550 (written) or 79 (internet) is achieved. This requirement will be waived if after completion of 12 units a 3.0 cumulative GPA is achieved.